Fabric - Tuninga


Artist: Natalie Tungatalum

One day I went hunting with my husband at Tarntipi. It was a Monday morning about 10 o’clock. My brother was driver, he drop us at Tarntipi. We went hunting for possom and wallaby.  We got two possom.

When we came back we saw this coloured lizard named `blue tongue’.  We got two. My husband killed that blue tongue on the head.  I was carrying that blue tongue. We had heavy rain. I cut that stringybark tree for shelter from the rain. We got back on main road and made fire. We cooked possom and two blue tongue. My husband only ate that blue tongue not me. When we eat that blue tongue our skin come up like snake skin. 

Then we were waiting for car to pick us up, it was late,8 o’clock in the night. We were shivering cold. When I start painting I remember about that blue tongue colour of her skin. I still paint that.

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